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Development stage

In research

Alpha components have not been thoroughly tested by developers. Learn more about component maturity.

The site footer is a set of links that go on all the pages of the website. It is at the bottom of the page, above the statewide footer.

  • It starts with an optional logo on the left that links back to the homepage for the website.
  • In the middle is a set of links that you can customize.
  • On the right are social media icons that link to official social media accounts. These could be for a department or a campaign. The available social media icons include:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Github
    • LinkedIn
    • Email

When and how to use it

The site footer goes on all pages of your website.

Examples of links that go in the site footer include:

  • General department info
  • Department accessibility information
  • Careers page
  • Contact page for the site

Check the statewide footer to make sure you do not duplicate link text across them. Using the same terms in both places confuses people.

Link the social media icons to your official social media accounts.

How not to use it

Do not use the site footer:

  • For primary calls to action
  • As secondary navigation
  • To link to information that meets primary user needs

Do not include more than one social media account per platform.

Demo and sample markup


<section aria-label="Site footer" class="site-footer">
  <div class="container">
    <div class="footer-logo">
      <a href="/">
        <img class="logo-img" src="/img/circle-logo.png" alt="Organization logo"/>
    <div class="footer-secondary-links">
      <a href="#">Link 1</a>
      <a href="#">Link 2</a>
      <a href="#">Link 3</a>
    <div class="footer-social-links">
      <a href="#">
        <span class="sr-only">Facebook</span>
        <svg aria-hidden="true" width="24px" height="24px" viewBox="0 0 24 24">
          <path d="M14,12.7h3.2L17.7,9H14V6.7c0-1,0.3-1.9,1.9-1.9h2.1V1.5c-0.3,0-1.6-0.2-2.9-0.2c-2.9,0-4.9,1.7-4.9,5.1v2.9H6.9V13h3.2v9.5 H14L14,12.7L14,12.7z" />
      <a href="#">
        <span class="sr-only">GitHub</span>
        <svg aria-hidden="true" width="25" height="25" viewBox="0 0 25 25">
          <path d="M12.686 0.909302C6.05604 0.909302 0.686035 6.2823 0.686035 12.9093C0.686035 18.2123 4.12403 22.7093 8.89104 24.2943C9.49104 24.4073 9.71103 24.0363 9.71103 23.7173C9.71103 23.4323 9.70104 22.6773 9.69604 21.6773C6.35804 22.4013 5.65404 20.0673 5.65404 20.0673C5.10804 18.6823 4.31904 18.3123 4.31904 18.3123C3.23204 17.5683 4.40304 17.5833 4.40304 17.5833C5.60804 17.6673 6.24103 18.8193 6.24103 18.8193C7.31104 20.6543 9.05004 20.1243 9.73604 19.8173C9.84404 19.0413 10.153 18.5123 10.496 18.2123C7.83104 17.9123 5.03004 16.8803 5.03004 12.2823C5.03004 10.9723 5.49504 9.9023 6.26504 9.0623C6.13003 8.7593 5.72504 7.5393 6.37004 5.8863C6.37004 5.8863 7.37504 5.5643 9.67004 7.1163C10.63 6.8493 11.65 6.7173 12.67 6.7113C13.69 6.7173 14.71 6.8493 15.67 7.1163C17.95 5.5643 18.955 5.8863 18.955 5.8863C19.6 7.5393 19.195 8.7593 19.075 9.0623C19.84 9.9023 20.305 10.9723 20.305 12.2823C20.305 16.8923 17.5 17.9073 14.83 18.2023C15.25 18.5623 15.64 19.2983 15.64 20.4223C15.64 22.0283 15.625 23.3183 15.625 23.7083C15.625 24.0233 15.835 24.3983 16.45 24.2783C21.251 22.7043 24.686 18.2043 24.686 12.9093C24.686 6.2823 19.313 0.909302 12.686 0.909302Z" />
      <a href="#">
        <span class="sr-only">Twitter</span>
        <svg aria-hidden="true" width="24px" height="24px" viewBox="0 0 24 24">
          <path d="M21.2,8c0,0.2,0,0.4,0,0.6c0,6-4.6,12.9-12.9,12.9c-2.6,0-4.9-0.7-7-2c0.3,0,0.7,0.1,1,0.1c2.2,0,4.1-0.7,5.7-1.9 c-2,0-3.6-1.4-4.2-3.1c0.3,0.1,0.6,0.1,0.9,0.1c0.4,0,0.9-0.1,1.2-0.1c-2-0.4-3.6-2.2-3.6-4.5c0,0,0,0,0-0.1c0.6,0.3,1.3,0.6,2,0.6 c-1.2-0.9-2-2.2-2-3.8c0-0.9,0.2-1.6,0.6-2.2c2.2,2.8,5.5,4.6,9.3,4.7C12,9,12,8.6,12,8.2c0-2.5,2-4.5,4.5-4.5 c1.3,0,2.5,0.6,3.3,1.4c1-0.2,2-0.6,2.9-1c-0.2,1.1-1,1.9-2,2.5c1-0.1,1.8-0.3,2.6-0.7C22.9,6.5,22.2,7.4,21.2,8L21.2,8z" />
      <a href="#">
        <span class="sr-only">Email</span>
        <svg aria-hidden="true" width="24px" height="24px" viewbox="0 0 24 24">
          <path d="M22.9,6.4c-0.1-1-0.8-1.8-1.8-1.8c0,0-0.1,0-0.1,0v0l-18,0c0,0-0.1,0-0.1,0C1.9,4.6,1.1,5.4,1,6.4c0,0,0,0.1,0,0.1 s0,0.1,0,0.1v12.8h21.9V6.6c0,0,0-0.1,0-0.1C22.9,6.4,22.9,6.4,22.9,6.4L22.9,6.4z M19.3,6.5L12,12.7L4.6,6.5 C4.6,6.5,19.3,6.5,19.3,6.5z M3,8.4C3,8.4,3,8.5,3,8.4l0-0.8l4.8,4.1L3,16.3C3,16.3,3,8.4,3,8.4z M4,17.4l4.9-4.8l3.1,2.7l3.2-2.8 l4.8,4.9L4,17.4L4,17.4z M21,16.3l-4.8-4.6L21,7.6v0.8c0,0,0,0,0,0L21,16.3L21,16.3z" />
      <a href="#">
        <span class="sr-only">YouTube</span>
        <svg aria-hidden="true" width="24px" height="24px" viewbox="0 0 24 24">
            <path d="M23,6.6c0,0-0.3-1.6-0.9-2.2c-0.9-0.8-1.8-0.8-2.2-0.9C16.7,3.2,12,3.2,12,3.2s-4.7,0-7.9,0.3c-0.4,0-1.4,0-2.2,0.9 C1.2,5.1,1,6.6,1,6.6s-0.3,2-0.3,3.7v1.7c0,2,0.3,3.7,0.3,3.7s0.3,1.6,0.9,2.2c0.8,0.9,2,0.9,2.5,0.9c1.8,0.1,7.6,0.3,7.6,0.3 s4.7,0,7.9-0.3c0.4,0,1.4,0,2.2-0.9c0.7-0.7,0.9-2.2,0.9-2.2s0.3-1.8,0.3-3.7v-1.7C23.2,8.4,23,6.6,23,6.6z M8.7,15.9V6.6l8.8,4.6 L8.7,15.9L8.7,15.9z" />
      <a href="#">
        <span class="sr-only">Instagram</span>
        <svg aria-hidden="true" width="24px" height="24px" viewBox="0 0 24 24">
          <path d="M16.4,1.5H7.7c-3.4,0-6.2,2.7-6.2,6.2v8.8c0,3.4,2.8,6.1,6.2,6.1h8.8c3.4,0,6.1-2.8,6.1-6.1V7.6C22.5,4.2,19.8,1.5,16.4,1.5 z M20.4,16.4c0,2.2-1.8,4.1-4.1,4.1H7.6c-2.2,0-4.1-1.8-4.1-4V7.7c0-2.2,1.8-4.1,4.1-4.1h8.8c2.2,0,4,1.8,4,4.1L20.4,16.4L20.4,16.4 z" />
          <path d="M12,7.1c-2.7,0-4.9,2.2-4.9,4.9s2.2,4.9,4.9,4.9s4.9-2.2,4.9-4.9S14.7,7.1,12,7.1z M12,14.9c-1.6,0-2.9-1.3-2.9-2.9 s1.3-2.9,2.9-2.9s2.9,1.3,2.9,2.9S13.6,14.9,12,14.9z" />
          <path d="M18.5,6.9c0,0.7-0.6,1.3-1.3,1.3S16,7.6,16,6.9s0.6-1.3,1.3-1.3S18.5,6.2,18.5,6.9z" />


Machine nameds-site-footer

Project installation

The instructions assume familiarity with npm package management tool and Sass.

  1. Include SCSS in your compiler.
  2. Add the sample markup from the component to your HTML.
  3. Place your own site links within the <div class="footer-secondary-links"> element. Your social media links go within <div class="footer-social-links">. Refer to the Content model section for notes on mapping your data to the sample markup.

CDN installation

We recommend using a build system and bundling your CSS for faster performance. If you do not use a build system, you can include the code from our CDN with a link tag.


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

CSS variables

The following CSS variables are used in this component:

  • --w-lg
  • --s-1
  • --s-3
  • --primary-700
  • --primary-900
  • --accent2-500
  • --gray-50
  • --gray-200
  • --font-size-2

All CSS variables define their own fallback value so you do not have to use additional CSS unless you want to change them. You may define your own value for the variable by adding your own style rules. Here is an example defining the global hex value for a CSS variable named “--primary-700”:


:root {
  --primary-700: #165ac2;


Component-specific accessibility review

  • Make sure that site footer's section tag has aria-label="agency footer" attribute is there.
  • If you use footer logo image in your site footer make sure image has alt text.
  • If you are using footer social links make sure that inks are using sr-only link description. For instance: <span class="sr-only">Facebook</span>
  • Make sure that social svg icons have aria-hidden="true" attributes added to them.

Standard accessibility review

As a component in Alpha status, this component must pass the following accessibility reviews every time a new version is published:

  • Tested with the axe accessibility tool and passes all automated WCAG Level AA checks
  • Reviewed with the VoiceOver screen reader on desktop
  • Verified keyboard navigation and that all actionable elements of the component are reachable via keyboard commands only
  • Reviewed component layout on a variety of screen sizes

Progressive enhancement

This is an HTML- and CSS-only component. JavaScript is not required. It uses CSS variables to inherit design token values. Token definitions are not required because these style rules provide fallback values.

Content model

This component uses the following data attributes. We provide this information to help with integrating the component into backend publishing systems or identifying content that may require translation.

NameData typeField typeSelectorOptions
Organization logo imageStringURL to logo graphic, PNG, JPG, webp, etc. (45x45 pixels).footer-logo .logo-img
Organization logo alt textStringPlain text.footer-logo .logo-img[alt]
Secondary links TitleStringPlain text.footer-secondary-links ul li
Secondary links URLStringURL.footer-secondary-links ul li a[href]
Social Links IconStringURL to SVG file (24x24 pixels).footer-social-links ul li a svgFacebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Github
Screen reader only link descriptionStringPlain textsr-only
Social Links urlStringURL.footer-social-links ul li a[href]

Contributor/developer documentation